The Sinking String Quartet

Most people have seen the movie Titanic and I reckon everyone has the image of the string quartet playing as the unsinkable ship sinks imprinted in their mind for one reason or another. Just picture the image.

I am wondering how I would react in this situation. How do you do your job when everything else is falling apart and yet others are in denial. Do you continue to do your job? Play every note perfectly. Or is there the option of jumping ship along with everyone else? Perhaps there is the third option which seems impossible and I think regularly gets missed in these sticky situations as things fall apart.

Stop and fix it.

I believe in any crisis or critical emergency we can have a maintenance mindset. By that you maintain the norms, keep things going as they always have because that is your job and what you must do. The string quartet from Titanic is the perfect image for this.

The other is a missional mindset. Think of people going on a mission to the North Pole, they have a destination in mind and they will do everything within their means to get to the North Pole. They will be creative where they need to be creative and careful where they need to be careful. One thing is for sure, when crisis hits they do not keep just putting one foot in front of the other as their job is to walk.

Where I work we have been in a time of transition and sometimes it feels like a sinking ship. I have been challenged to work in creative and careful ways which don’t always fit with the job I have been given because I believe in the mission we have been given and I want to give everything I have to see that happen, even if that means parts of my job get missed. It is better they are missed and the mission is achieved than visa versa.

I have chosen to try and fix the sinking ship and not do my job till I drown.

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