What is Easter anyway?

What is Easter anyway? To some perhaps it is an illusive festival which rationally irritates year on year as it jumps around the calendar following the moon around, for others it is an excuse for a couple of extra days off of work, for many it is a time of great joy, celebrating Jesus or spending much needed time with family and friends and yet for others it is the worst day, one of hurt, pain, shame and even death.

Even today, a number of people were killed in Easter attacks in Sri Lanka, on Thursday another 13 or so people died in Durban, South Africa as a wall collapsed in their church. The period of Easter is a message communicated through death, pain, hurt and loss which is of hope eternal. A freedom, peace, love and life with is everlasting. As we stand in the face of the reality of death, let’s explore what it means to be truly alive, living our best lives, not in a post-modern sense but living our best lives following the one who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

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