The Millennial Relationship

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a think tank to help pioneer an accredited religious practitioner training course. Hours of discussion over what this word implies or whetherthat word would paint a better picture. I found this time to be a fascinating experience, in which, I learnt a lot. Some of the things I learnt was from the content of the think tank and other things I learnt in one on one conversations with the other participants, of whom, all were far older than me. 

One of the conversation points we kept coming back to was who would the target audience be for the training and who would the trainees target audience be in the field. Again and again the terms Millennials and Gen-Alpha kept getting mentioned. The trainees would be of all ages, from baby boomers through to Millennials and mostly their target would be Millennials and Gen-Alpha. The whole time I am thinking “I am one of these Millennials”, we are not this illusive, mysterious generation. We are real.

Saying that, at no point was I hurt or offended, just slightly bemused the illusive descriptions that were given about my generation. I have started to think, how does the general world see those of us born in the 90s. We are the young professionals entering the workplace, perhaps with our take-out coffee, blogs, social media, pop-culture references and relationships. I might speak as an anomaly, however, I love intergenerational relationships. I regularly interact with people of every decade born in the 1930’s through till now. I believe each person in each group has something to contribute, be it prayer, listening, council and wise advice, to seeing things from totally different perspectives such as many children do. I believe we cannot judge generations on their descriptive characteristics and we are in big danger with doing that for GenAlpha. 

Our world is writing the narrative for all the generations, let’s choose to take the gold and leave the rubbish. Even in doing this our biggest focus must be relationship, no matter how we choose to form it, be that in conversations over a high-tea or a game of Fortnite. Relationships bridge the generation gap. I think some people dismiss relationships as an old idea, which it is, however, it is not irrelevant. We have been created out of relationship. I think the key question we need to answer going forward is how do we continue to create relevant relationships across the age gaps for the future generations.

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