Disciple Maker Cards

Disciple Maker Cards were created out of the need to find one of many possible solutions to a very big challenge in some of the ministries I am involved in. That is the challenge of ethical evangelism and follow up. If we are sharing the powerful message of Jesus with people, yet do not know if we will ever see that person again how can we do this in the most ethical way ensuring there is some form of support structure in place for the (possible) new Christ-follower?

I’m involved in camp ministry. One of the ways we chose to do this is by creating a set of cards which help people walk through what it means to follow Jesus. This means that, even if the person has no Christian contact in their home context they have scripture and a basic understanding of what Jesus following means.

There are nine cards in the set, grouped into three focuses: Upward (relationship between person and God), Inward (change that God creates in the life of the person) and Outward (the impact their relationship and changed person has on others) and the nine cards go as follows:

  1. Upward: Love
  2. Upward: Communication
  3. Upward: Priority
  4. Inward: Heart
  5. Inward: Mind
  6. Inward: Intention
  7. Outward: Interaction
  8. Outward: Forgiveness
  9. Outward: Disciple Making